Welcome to our site.  Everything you need to know about The ICONS can be found here…

We have included sample tracks, so you can hear how we sound like our ICONS and performing as ROCKSOLID duo or solo. We want to have a mailing list option too – though you can subscribe to our RSS feed to keep up to date with posts and new booked shows. Don`t forget….you can also contact us using our e-mail addresses in the contacts page.

Any fellow musicians out there?  We’d love to get involved more with the online musical community – and would be happy to reciprocate with blog-rolls or site links if it seems appropriate.

Here’s a shout-out to all you Big `O`Roy Orbison and Cher fans: do come and see our NEW full tribute show being launched as from 1st March 2012. Watch out for dates !!! 

Lahna and Chris

Hi everyone!

Thanks for visiting.  We’re currently moving our site onto WordPress.

Meanwhile – you can still visit our old site here:

Apologies – we are experiencing a technical fault with our website’s demo tracks. Alternative arrangements should be in place by Monday 7th January 2013.