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Lahna is an experienced solo and duo singer with a wide vocal and style range – and a passion for giving her best performance every time.  She obtained her BTEC in Popular Music while at college but discovered her performing talents much earlier.

Link to Lahna on MySpace with some of her previous work in very different styles!

Samples of Lahna’s covers:

If I Could Turn Back Time
Strong Enough
Shoop Shoop Song
Make You Feel My Love
Walking Back to Happiness
What’s Up

On 24th January 2012, Lahna performed at the `Keeping it live 2012` national showcase at the Horseshoe bar, Pleasure Beach, Blackpool.

Picture of Lahna Raven as Cher - Keeping it Live Blackpool 2012

Keeping it Live Blackpool 2012

8 years ago, I started on the club circuit ( for those who don`t know what this is – its clubs, pubs etc.). 

I`d always liked singing from an early age. I was brought up listening to the sounds of the 60’s and especially 70’s rock…..groups like The Who, Deep Purple etc, and particularly Queen. Generally, I love all sorts of music.

It could have been those early inspirational beginnings in the school choir, that I was lucky to get a place in the Northamptonshire County Choir – I was still only16. School and family holidays gave me other opportunities to sing and it was then, that I started to win singing competitions.

School days over (thank god!) and College started (bring on the fun!!), I gained stage experience and learned the technicalities of music. At this time I was interested in playing keyboards and singing. I was treated more like an adult, but tucking into chips and Mayonnaise in the breaks might have made a few think otherwise!! I made new friends during those heady days but eventually came out with a BTEC National Diploma.

A short time after finishing college I found out I was going to be a mum. I put it down to over-eating and a craving for Satsumas, but no, it was true! You know when boys at a certain time in their lives – especially those in choirs, have to leave when their voices drop into their trousers? Something must have happened after the birth. My voice changed in a similar fashion. At least it has enabled me to sing a wider range of songs, which has proved useful recently, as you can hear in my samples on this site.

With a BTEC under my belt and starting to get more confidence in my singing, it got to the point where I had to decide what job I was going to do in the big wide world. I guess it was after reaching this point in my life, where singing was the thing I wanted to do most, it seemed only logical that a career in singing/performing would be the way to go. After practising enough songs and with a 2-year-old child around my feet, work started to drift in from pubs and clubs. Hey – I was on my way!! Whitney, Celine, Kylie…… look out cos here I come!!

After years of doing gigs and travelling up and down the country, my singing voice matured. Of course, I learned loads more songs along the way! A few punters at gigs started to say I sounded like ‘Cher’. My dad always said I should make more of it, but I wasn`t sure at the time but used to love singing her songs anyway.

In 2009 I got a break – a chance to make the big time! I was given the opportunity to record some of my own material. I had written the 3 songs previously and so, recorded them, along with some music video. It was a competent product, launched onto the internet. I had vocal training during this time, which helped with breathing technique etc. Nothing`s worse than to run out of breath before the end of the song. That`s what being a PRO is all about! There`s a lot to singing and performing…. When you`re up there in front of an audience, you`re in view all the time. Every move you make, every sound you make (where have I heard that before?) every breath you take (now I know where that comes from….thanks POLICE!!) they get to know about. Nerves? Of course, we get nerves. I would hazard a guess to say that every performer gets nerves. Some nerves are good. It keeps you from goin` overboard – keeps you in check. Mix with a substantial dose of Adrenaline and hey — you`re off. Off? Performing I mean.

Also, two years ago, I met my current partner CHRIS STEVEN. He`s a dark horse!! It`s like being with a transformer….one push of the mixer button and he`s Buddy Holly, next he`s Roy Orbison. Will the real Chris Steven, showman, please stand up? Chris is very versatile, witty, a bit of a comedian (though some have told him not to give up the day job over it) and what`s more, he plays guitar and is a great vocalist – vital to our duo performances as ROCKSOLID and our tributes to the great CHER (yes – doing it finally !!) and the big `O` Roy Orbison. No end of people have asked how old he really is. Most can`t believe us when they are told. NO – I`m not saying here. You can check out what Chris has to say, on his own page.

Do you like our website? We do! That and a lot more things that have happened, wouldn`t have, without the help and combined forces of family and friends. They know who they are, so it’s a BIG,BIG,BIG thankyou to all of you!

I guess it`s time to wrap this up now, so all I can say is, thanks to everyone, all my fans, punters everywhere, agents etc. and I look forward to seeing you sometime. Look out for where I/we are performing in our calendar.

Bye for now.


Keeping it Live Blackpool 2012 – Lahna Raven

On 24th January 2012, Lahna performed at the `Keeping it live 2012` national showcase at the Horseshoe bar, Pleasure Beach, Blackpool.

Picture of Lahna Raven as Cher - Keeping it Live Blackpool 2012

Keeping it Live Blackpool 2012

Keeping it Live Blackpool 2012 – Chris Steven

On 23rd January 2012, Chris performed at the `Keeping it live 2012` national showcase at the Horseshoe bar, Pleasure Beach, Blackpool.

Picture of Chris Steven as Roy Orbison - Keeping it Live Blackpool 2012

Keeping it Live Blackpool 2012

Chris Steven solo performances

Chris has performed at many venues. Recent notable events include a great tribute evening at the Carlton Club, Olney, Northamptonshire, alongside Lahna Raven as Cher.

Picture of Chris Steven as Roy at the Calton Club, Olney, 2011

Go Roy, go!


Kingston Town

Penny Arcade

Pretty Woman




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